Joseph Smith
Lover of the Cause of Christ
A Theatrical Production by Angela Staheli

Cast Testimonies Continued:

It was a very humbling experience for me to play the role of Joseph Smith, but I know that his presence was there guiding us to effectively communicate his message and touch the hearts of cast and audience alike. That he was a Prophet of Jesus Christ, I have no doubt. He had a vision and he lived his life true to that experience, thus touching lives for all eternity.
- Jayd M. (Joseph Smith)

I had always felt my testimony of Joseph Smith was strong. I had always believed in him as a Prophet and the restorer of this great truth. But this play showed me that Joseph was a mortal man. And like myself, he had feelings of sadness, disappointment, loneliness, as well as joy, love and accomplishment. I realized that he was in awe of his accomplishments just as much as we are now and that his strength and character developed over time and didn’t just appear when he stepped out of the woods as a fourteen year old boy. He was a human that accomplished super-human tasks by taking small spirit led steps. As I learned lines for the play, and searched each word for its meaning, I found that my eyes streamed tears of confirmation of his divine work. In short, my testimony grew from knowing that Joseph Smith was a true prophet to knowing how true a prophet Joseph Smith was.
- Brian F. (Israel Barlow, Lyman O. Littlefield, Elijah Fordham)

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